Eased into the Third Place in GPG Cup

img-4The 6th Gazprom Germania Cup was held with the participation of a dozen company teams from seven countries. Staged in Berlin on July 27, 2012, Gazprom Germania qualified as the champion, while our company’s soccer squad was ranked in the third place. Gazprom Germania accomplished to beat Holland’s Gazprom EP International, joining the contest for the first time, with a net score in the finals while our team managed to snatch the third place in aggregate penalty shots, defeating Schalke 04, featuring a number of former professional players. In the 5th Germania Cup, our soccer crew had qualified for the final round but had lost 1-0 to Schalke 04, sufficing with the second status.

The teams of the following companies lined up in the tournament: Bosphorus Gaz, Gazprom Schweiz, Gazprom Marketing & Trading, Vemex, Wingas, KazRosGas, Bosphorus Gaz, Gazprom EP International and Gazprom Germania, organizing the contest.