2Founded in Istanbul on April 7, 2003, the fundamental business motive behind Bosphorus Gaz Corporation A.Ş.’s launch was to take part as a strong and reliable corporate entity in the Turkish Natural Gas market which was then on the verge of deregulation and liberalization. In the initial phase, Bosphorus Gaz participated in the tender launched in November 2004 by BOTAŞ — acting as the purchasing entity — for transferring Natural Gas Purchase and Sale Contracts to third parties, and initiated import and wholesale supply of an annual volume of 750 million cubic meters in 2009.

Upon termination of tender awards of contracts, epitomizing a noteworthy breakthrough and a crucial milestone in decisive policies towards the deregulation and liberalization of the natural gas market in Turkey, Bosphorus Gaz gradually sprang to the forefront in this unique energy realm as one of the first independent and privately-owned companies importing natural gas to Turkey.

During 2012, a new contract was clinched with Gazprom Export for an annual supply of 1,750 million cubic meters, following the expiry of BOTAŞ’s contract encompassing a yearly volume of 6 billion cubic meters.

Thus, in a short span of four years, Bosphorus Gaz evolved into a corporation undertaking nearly 7% of our country’s total imports, on the basis of a combined volume of 3,250 million cubic meters, and gained prominence as the primary independent company accounting for the highest import quantity after BOTAŞ.

As a first of its kind for Turkish energy market, Bosphorus Gaz has extended its contract with Gazprom until year 2043 and was awarded an import license until the same year by EMRA.

With this contract in place, Bosphorus Gaz is the largest private importing company of natural gas in Turkey.