Our HR Policy


Bosphorus Gaz ranks among the most dynamic companies operating in the energy sector. With its sound and solid partnership, our Company has fast evolved into one of the most significant players of this crucial sector, as this result has been undeniably accomplished through the dedication and exceptional skills of its most valuable asset – its human capital.

Our Company is determined to reach its targets through the incessant toil and generous contributions of its colleagues who are able to develop strategic decisions and solutions, while displaying agility and responsiveness, as well as responsibility and prudence.

Towards those ends, Bosphorus Gaz provides the following opportunities to its employees;

– Creating the most opportune and suitable working environment for its employees to enable them develop their professional careers as well as reinforcing and elevating personal skills and aptitudes,
– An amenable working environment and an overall favorable corporate climate to sustain permanent education and training,
– Setting up and operating the requisite systems designed to evaluate the personal traits and distinctions in an optimal sense,
– Evaluating performance with objective criteria.
– Rewarding high and distinctive performance, and guiding and supporting the underperformers to upgrade their performance on par with the anticipated levels.

If you are also eager and ready to benefit from a wide range of professional, intellectual and personal development opportunities, it may probably be the right time for you to join the Bosphorus Gaz family.

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