We Were Awarded the “Golden Valve” Prize

altin_vana13Organized for the fourth time this year, the Gas & Power Energy Summit prevailed with the gala night and the award ceremony. After the termination of the sessions on the first day, the “Golden Valve” and the “Golden Voltage” prizes were bestowed on their winners. And, our Company was deemed worthy to receive the “Golden Valve” accolade in recognition of its token contributions imparted into the natural-gas sector. Our prize was received by our Deputy Managing Director Mert Göksu. Following the pursuance of an intensive conference program, several participants of the sector collected prizes and citations in various and diverse categories at the gala night.

Winners of the “Golden Valve” Awards:
–    Bosphorus Gaz Deputy Managing Director Mert Göksu
–    Ahmet Akdağ for BOTAŞ
–    İGDAŞ General Manager Bilal Aslan
–    Shell Turkey Country Chairman Ahmet Erdem for Shell Turkey and Shell Energy
–    BP Turkey Vice Chairman Hakan Türker for BP/BTC
–    Aziz Camcı for EGE GAZ
–    Turcas CEO Batu Aksoy
–    CEO Dr. Ulvi İlhan for Enerco
–    Kayserigaz General Manager Hasan Yasin Bora
–    Bursagaz General Manager Ahmet Hakan Tola
–    Badegül İnce for Avrasyagaz
–    Energaz General Manager Aslan Uzun
–    Kibar Enerji General Manager Aydın Altunordu
–    Esra Göktepe for Samgaz
–    Aksa Natural Gas CEO Yaşar Arslan
–    Serkan Keleser for UGETAM
–    GAZDAŞ General Manager Fuat Celepçi
–    Aygaz General Manager Rıdvan Uçar
–    Aytemiz General Manager Ahmet Eke
Winners of the “Golden Voltage” Awards:
–    OMV Petrol Ofisi CEO Gülsüm Azeri
–    Limak Executive Bpoard of Directors Chairman Nihat Özdemir
–    Yingli Solar Turkey General Manager Uğur Kılıç
–    TÜPRAŞ Assistant General Manager Hasan Tan
–    AKSA Elektrik CEO Yaşar Arslan
–    Birim Akbaba for İpra Enerji
–    Serkan Tanyeri for AES ENTEK
Dignitaries and individuals deemed worthy for special citation on merit of their contributions to the energy sector:
–    Trabzon Governor Recep Kızılcık
–    EPDK Chairman Hasan Köktaş
–    PA (“Privatization Administration”) Chairman Ahmet Aksu
–    Koç Holding Energy Group Head Erol Memioğlu
–    UGETAM Executive Board of Directors Chairman Ümit Doğay Arınç
–    Chilean former Energy Minister Jorge Rodriguez Grassi
–    Fordham University Dean David Gauchi
Non-governmental and civilian society organizations:
–    ELDER Chairman Nihat Özdemir
–    ETD Chairman Batu Aksoy
–    PETFORM Chairman Orhan Duran
–    Dr. UIlvi İlhan for DİVİD
–    GAZBİR Chairman Yaşar Arslan
–    PETDER Chairman Ahmet Erdem
–    Birim Akbaba for TLPGD Association
–    EÜD Chairman Önder Karaduman
–    GAZMER Executive Board Member Nuri Baş