Saving Hints for Natural Gas Use

dogalgazocakİGDAŞ made an announcement and furnished information about more economic use of natural gas. It was indicated that building insulation would provide 40% saving whereas PVC joinery at windows and doors and double glazing would provide a saving of 15%. At times when winter is fully felt in the country and the white coat covers entire land, İGDAŞ shares with public the hints about how natural gas could be used more economically and more safely. The consumers, who elect natural gas as an environment friendly and advantageous fuel, make serious saving when they use it consciously.

The method of making saving was explained by İGDAŞ under two headings as “heating” and “hot water supply”. It was emphasized that when all those hints were applied, it would be possible to make saving up to 60%.

Hints about heating are as follows:

Most of the heat loss at homes is due the buildings having no heat insulation. Those who have building insulation done shall make saving of 40%.

Use of room thermostat for higher heat efficiency and adjusting the thermostat 1 degree lower shall ensure a fuel saving of 6%.

PVC joinery at windows and doors and double glazing would provide a saving of 15%. If that is not possible window and door edges can be sealed by sponge or wick.

Natural gas consumers, using burners with stack must have the stack cleaned and maintained at least once a year. The well maintained stack will promote the combustion efficiency of burner and ensure saving. Also, flue gas poisoning, which is a great risk for life and property, will be eliminated.

In order to completely burn natural gas and to prevent under-burning, the ventilation ducts at the location where burners are installed must not be shut. This also contributes to saving.

Closed curtains at nights ensure energy saving. But care must be taken that curtains should not cover radiators.

Radiators should not be covered with armchair, vase and other pieces of furniture.

If building insulation could not be made, inserting insulating plates behind radiators shall provide significant saving.

Keeping every room at different temperatures according to purpose of use and adjusting the temperature (thermostat) by thermostatic valve shall provide significant saving.

Hints about supply of hot water:

Hot water adjusting knob of burner, if any, must be set to 40-42 C. Thus there will no need to use cold water in order to cool water.

If you leave home for a long time, it will be better to shut off burner instead of keeping at pilot lamp.

Dish washer must be used in fully loaded condition.

Insulating on-plaster hot water pipes shall ensure natural gas saving.