Bosphorus Gaz Shares Transferred to Şen Group

Adnan Şen has reached an agreement with Russian energy company Gazprom to buy off Bosphorus Gaz’s 71 percent shares. Upon receipt of approval from EPDK and Competition Authority, Bosphorus Gaz’s entire shares will be transferred to Şen Group.

Both Parties have reached an agreement regarding the transfer of Turkey’s first natural gas importer Bosphorus Gaz’s 71 % shares which belonged to Russian energy Company Gazprom, to Managing Director of Bosphorus Gaz; Adnan Şen. Following the agreement necessary applications have been made to EMRA and Competition Authority. Upon receipt of approvals entire shares of Bosphorus Gas shall be transferred to Şen Group.

Adnan Şen, Bosphorus Gaz Managing Director who made a statement about transfer of shares said “Making a complete transfer of Bosphorus Gaz’s shares is an indicator of our trust in Turkey’s strong financial performance and its potential growth within the energy field.”

Bosphorus Gaz, which is Turkey’s first natural gas importer, will continue providing the same quality service to its customers, as it has always been.