faqBosphorus Gaz has been providing Natural Gas to Eligible Consumers mandated and qualified to choose their suppliers as well as Wholesale Companies since 2009.

1) Am I an Eligible Consumer?

Except for the household consumers, all other consumers are classified in the status of eligible consumers. The limit for the household consumers to qualify for the status of an eligible consumer is 300,000 cubic meters. For setting the limit for eligible consumer, the consumption quantity derived from a single meter is taken as a basis. The distribution company in your region determines and identifies the consumers who shall assume the designation of eligible consumer at the end of the five-year period, effective from the date of the issuance of the license.

2) I’m an Eligible Consumer; how shall I choose my supplier?

At the outset and in the first stage, you are bound to apply in written to the distribution company that you are  attached to in order to ensure that the existing metering mechanism is upgraded in a manner to allow for remote-monitoring and reading as may be required by the distribution company and also designed in a structure that will provide real-time information and data flow, upon express demand by the distribution company and again subject to the terms and principles that will be determined by the distribution company and on condition that all associated costs and expenditures will be borne by the eligible consumer. In addition to this, eligible consumers utilizing natural gas at 300 mbar or above are obliged to establish a corrector facility.

After such requirements and prior conditions are adequately fulfilled, you will be then entitled to choose your own supplier. In the next stage, you may directly get in touch with the importers and/or wholesalers operating in the market and pick the most convenient entity suiting your circumstances and start to source your natural gas from such supplying companies.

3) What are the benefits of choosing supplier for eligible consumers?

You may exercise significant bargaining power. Moreover, you may seize the opportunity to obtain natural gas with more flexible pricing terms and en joy competitive quotations. By clinching long-term contracts, you may also ensure your own supply security.

4) What are pre-requisites for fulfillment following designation as an eligible consumer?  

Eligible consumers are obliged to notify their daily programs and schedules on a day-ahead basis to the company they are obtaining the natural gas from, subject to the provisions of the Natural Gas Market Transmission Network Operation Regulations, based on the legislative pretext promulgated into the Natural Gas Market Law No. 4646.

Eligible consumers satisfying and fulfilling all such criteria, compliance terms and pre-conditions may get in touch with us after filling out the information fact-sheet in this web-site.

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