Why Natural Gas?


 Natural Gas is Cheaper

In comparison with other types of energy, natural gas is more economical.

The total combustion yield of natural gas is higher in regard to other energy types.

A subscriber using natural gas via a centralized system or on an individual basis is enabled to use first and then pay for the quantity consumed.

Heat transfer surfaces in the burning equipment and appliances remain clean and untainted as the burning process leaves no waste particles, residuals or contaminants such as soot, fumes or carbon deposits. Hence, the equipment and appliances require comparatively less maintenance and regular checks. This, perceivably, prevents the emergence of an extra cleaning cost.

Moreover, it entails no pre-heating expenditures.

Natural Gas is Efficient
  • In devices and appliances equipped with natural gas, heat adjustment and control are performed with utmost precision, ensuring consumption comfort and optimal energy savings, while also averting the probability of fuel losses. Therefore, combustion efficiency is exceptionally higher.
  • Since the mixture of air with fuel occurs in gaseous form, accomplishment of full combustion is achieved with more ease.

Natural Gas is Reliable and Secure

  • Natural gas burns easily and can be shut off conveniently whenever desired.
  • Since devices and appliances fitted with natural gas operate with low pressures, they are not afflicted with disadvantages such as those posed by tanks/canisters and also are devoid of compressed fragmentation effect.
  • Odorless in its natural state, an odorant adding a rotten garlic scent is injected to the natural gas at the city relay and distribution stations. In this way, any gas leakage is made easily detectable and discernible.
Natural Gas is Clean / Environment-Friendly
  • When burned, natural gas does not emit or release any ash, soot, fumes or sulphur component deposits into the air.  In the same context, it does not pollute or contaminate the environment since it does not leave solid wastes and particles behind in the aftermath of combustion.
  • It does not precipitate acid rains (its So x ratio is less than 1/2,000)
  • Natural gas keeps both your home and your city clean.
  • Since it stands out as the fuel type containing the lowest carbon content, its greenhouse gas emission blamed for causing global warming effect, such as carbon dioxide, ranges at a low level, thus singling it out as the most environment-friendly and convenient fuel variety.
Natural Gas is Uninterrupted
  • Since it is transported through natural gas pipelines, it does not require storage and advance or pre-ordering. It is readily available at your disposal and discretion. Since it does not necessitate storage, it invariably secures savings in premises and locations in buildings.
  • Up to date, no interruption or rupture was observed or reported in the steady supply of natural gas provided through the network of an urban center.
Natural Gas is Comfortable
  • Unlike its alternative fuel types, natural gas is available for consumption on a 7/24 basis on 365 days of the year.
  • Human factor and user handling in the operation and activation of the equipment and appliances are comparatively less warranted. The equipment and appliances are activated and deactivated on time schedules adjusted and metered previously.
  • Natural gas poses no adverse surprises and insurmountable risks. Your meal cooking in the kitchen oven or the hot water running in your bathroom are not affected.
  • You will enjoy the liberty of heating any place you desire at any time and as long as you wish…!

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