What is Free Consumer?

The real persons or legal and corporate entities which are privileged and entitled to exercise the discretion of choosing their own supplier owing to a consumption quantity over and above the electrical energy amount as specified by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (“EPDK”) (the Free/Eligible Consumption Limit determined for 2013 is 5,000 kWh/year) or are connected directly to the transmission system are classified as the “Free/Eligible Consumers,” and therefore retain the right to select their own suppliers.

Conditions or Qualifications as a Free/Eligible Consumer:

  • Fulfillment and satisfaction of any and all pre-conditions, requirements and obligations and liabilities towards the affiliated Distribution Company/Existing Supplier
  • Possession of an electric meter, capable of performing   multi-time slotted measurements, and conforming to the requirements stipulated in the Electric Meter Rules and Regulations, issued by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (“EPDK”)
  • Consumption of electrical energy over and above the “Free/Eligible Consumer Limit,” issued by the EPDK (this limit is updated each year as a consequence of a Board Resolution, as the figure for 2013 was determined at 5,000 kWh/year. The consumer may satisfy this pre-condition with a consumption quantity at a single spot or may prove and substantiate that it exceeds this cap on the basis of an aggregate and compounded consumption attained through one or more subscriptions accomplished via the same or different distribution regions, registered in the name and account of the same legal or corporate entity)


  1. The Free/Eligible Consumers will be privileged and entitled to source energy from the suppliers of their free choice through the bilateral agreements and contracts that they will conclude.
  2. They will be privileged and entitled to benefit from the range of price advantages that could be potentially and possibly offered by the producers and the wholesale companies. Furthermore, they will be privileged and entitled to enter into agreements and contracts that are conducive to their own unique and special circumstances and conditions, featuring flexible clauses and terms.
  3. The Free/Eligible Consumers will assess and evaluate the performances of their suppliers at the termination of each agreement and contract period. In this manner, it will be possible for them to verify and ascertain the most suitable and most appropriate agreement and contract as well as the most viable supplier, conforming to their requirements and criteria. Such information and data that will be received, also on-line, by the suppliers will facilitate efforts to lower the energy costs incurred by the Free/Eligible Consumers to the most rational and reasonable levels.
  4. The Free/Eligible Consumers, through the agreements and contracts that they will conclude, will safeguard and isolate their facilities and products against the ambiguities and uncertainties that affect the market adversely, originating from the imbalances of real-time production-consumption patterns, as this phenomenon may enable them to keep their unforeseen cost overruns and expenditure surges at the lowest levels by means of working in conjunction with the wholesale companies.

In summary, BOSPHORUS GAZ CORPORATION A.Ş. provides notable maximum advantages and benefits to its customers classified in the status of a “free/eligible customer” by supplying at cheaper rates below the existing tariffs and offering lucrative flexible conditions.

And, if you too satisfy the criteria stipulated for the Free/Eligible Consumers and qualify for such a status and are eager to benefit from the plethora of advantages in electricity sale, you may steadfastly get in touch with us.

You may fill out the Customer Information Sheet as a prelude to enable our Commercial Specialist to communicate and get in touch with you or you may solicit our Commercial Specialist to contact you by furnishing your communication particulars to our electronic-mail address at elektrik@bosphorusgaz.com..