Natural Gas We Imported From Russia Reached to 100 Billion m3

gazpromAleksey Miller President of Gasprom, The Russian Natural Gas Giant, stated that the Blue Stream Project, the big pipeline going through the Black Sea to transfer the Natural Gas from Russia to Turkey, has proved its efficiency and trustworthiness in providing natural gas directly to the European consumers.

Miller said, “ The Project has been the first  this scale under-water line in the world and the brilliant achievement of engineering. The Blue Stream will help accumulate unique experience in the construction and management of sea natural gas transport system. This experience, is already being used successfully within the framework of  North Stream, South Stream and Cugba-Lazarevskoye-Soçi projects. Russia has become the unchallenged leader in the world in formation of the modern gas transport systems both on land and under the sea, thanks to the Blue Stream. Today, the Blue Stream is the guarantor of the consistent gas supply to Turkey,”

Being 1213 km long and having 16 billion m3 capacity, the Blue Stream natural gas pipe line was put into service in December 2002 with the purpose of providing direct natural gas to Turkish Consumers through the Black Sea. Constructed as an addition to Turkish gas transfer corridor through Ukraine, Moldavia, Romania and Bulgaria from Russia, the Blue Stream accelerated the development of Turkish natural gas market