About Us

ampulBosphorus Gaz Corporation A.Ş. was licensed by the regulator EPDK on September 20, 2012, under license number ETS/4027-8/2433, to operate in the electricity wholesale market.

Bosphorus Gaz Corporation A.Ş. aims at reducing the electrical energy costs and mitigating, to the lowest feasible levels, the market risks of the partners that it serves in the Turkish Electricity Market which is gradually undergoing a deepening and subjected to constant deregulation and liberalization. In conformity with this objective, electricity generators and producers, the electricity wholesale and retail supply companies, the free/eligible consumers which are entitled to source their power from the private sector entities, and the targeted importation and exportation activities, as well as foreign and non-resident firms and corporations that are currently active in the adjacent and neighboring countries all constitute the potential business partners of Bosphorus Gaz Corporation A.Ş.

In order to accomplish this purpose, the Company has realized the importance and significance of soliciting the support and input of a powerful and experienced partner, as its underlying targets have also appropriately converged with the strategies of GAZPROM/GAZEXPORT which has long adopted a long-term vision and a prudent approach to the Turkish market – paving the path clear for the forging of a successful and unique collaboration in the form of business partnership. As a consequence of this potent partnership, BOSPHORUS GAZ CORPORATION A.Ş. aspires to assert itself in the market by both enhancing its market share and wielding a sturdy voice in virtually all segments of the energy sector.

Carrying a mission to establish a long-enduring business relationship from the moment of a formal contact with a customer is initiated, the range of services that Bosphorus Gaz Corporation A.Ş. is willing and ready to provide is summarized here-below:

  • To undertake the supply of electricity with the optimum price quotation and the most suitable method that would conform with the consumption patterns and profiles of its customers by following and monitoring the trends and developments in the local and foreign energy markets
  • To provide any and all support and assistance to the customers as well as crucial information on the procedures and documents required in the case and in the event that the customers which are currently sourcing their electricity supplies from the retail sale companies shift to Bosphorus Gaz Corporation A.Ş., under the scope of the free/eligible consumer arrangement
  • To advise and inform its customers about the regulatory changes, amendments and updates transpiring in the electricity market, which is undergoing a constant and steadfast transformation, in addition to the innovations and new dynamics that surround the markets for the purpose of keeping the customers update, adequately informed  and current on such topics
  • To submit opinions, views and comments and perform actions designed for feedback with the aim of safeguarding the rights, privileges and entitlements of the customers, focusing on the proposed legislative changes, amendments and alterations, in addition to the rules and regulations, subject to discussion and debate at the meetings and seminars organized by the associations and professional unions in which it has mustered a membership.